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When nature calls back and asks us for help

MOTHER EARTH NEEDS OUR HELP Like you, I am both horrified and heartbroken watching how one of Earth's most important lungs, the Amazonia, is burning out. I am a true believer in sending energies, prayers and good vibes, but our current times are requesting further action beyond our good intentions. How can I make a difference? First and foremost, become aware of your consumption habits - reduce plastic as much as possible, choose local varieties and producers (less carbon footprint + promote seasonal products), recycle as much as you can + repair instead of buying new. Choose organic when available (less chemicals used during their harvesting - better for you and the environment)

Reduce your carbon footprint -  if you are like me, a world traveller, sometimes it's hard to find an alternative to fly - I try to travel on public transport as much as I can but it it's not available, then I offset my carbon footprint donating back to environmental charities (or even some airlines have that option in the check out section, such as @ba)

Reduce your animal product consumption - besides ethical reasons (hello I'm vegan!), did you know the amount of water and food that feeding an animal needs vs the amount of food in return? It's not just sustainable - plus the conditions those animals are treated - most of them don't see natural light during their lives - plus it's healthier! less contaminants and toxins to your body + how cute are wild animals!

Join your social community - movements such as @exctintionrebellion @greenpeace and so many more have been raising awareness for years and are a great way to mobilise and make our actions count. This is one of the reasons I am collaborating with @bylinefestival this weekend leading a workshop on Regenerative Culture - it's for us but also for out planet, where we all come from - without it, we can't exist!

Beautiful British Columbia

How do you choose to participate? Tag your activist buddies below and share your favourite ways to make a difference and generate change! If you haven't booked your tickets, do it now: Love & respect to all live beings Mon x #rebel #action #sustainability #savetheplanet #prayforamazonia #activist #green #soundbath #yoga #london #uk #healing #healer #coach #coaching #lifecoach #life #happy #instagram #goodvibes #healthy #wellness #transformation #motivation #change #vegan #wecanchangetheworld #leadbyexample #fighter #leader #yogateacher #training #workshop #sound #nature

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