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Find how we can support you to make the changes you want to see in your life as you take ownership and empower yourself to generate insights, awareness and long-lasting results. 

As you connect with your inner-knowing and use your intuition as your guide, we parter up with you to create a more aligned environment within you and around you that will create more harmony and fulfilment.

Read below to find all services provided. They can be offered on a one to one basis as well as in group and bespoke workshops, training and keynote presentations.

We support individuals and groups to develop their potential. 1 to 1 coaching, group and supervision.

-Transitions and Navigating uncertainty 
-Change management, Leadership and Resilience 
-Mindfulness and wellbeing 
-Creative thinking 
-Start-up / SME support with business and marketing 

- One to one sessions
- Group coaching facilitator 
- ICF (ACC & PCC) certification support 
- Trainer & Facilitator 
- Coach Supervisor
- Group coaching community (Conscious Community)

Bringing together ancient Eastern disciplines with movement and presence inspired practices. Rooted in mindfulness principles, we focus on providing a sustainable and balanced framework where you feel more centered, grounded and empowered to make informed choices to support your health and fulfilment in life.

Specialisations: creating balance, tapping into your intuition, developing habits to stay connected to your essence & inner knowing


- Mindfulness & Meditation Practice

- Sound Bath & Sound Healing with Ancient Tibetan Bowls

- Energy Healing with Akashic Records & Reiki

- Nutrition & Healthy lifestyle

- Natural & Intuitive Healing supported by essential oils, crystals and astrology 

All available on one to one basis & bespoke workshops

- Public speaking, Facilitation & Training 

Based on +17 years of international business acumen working with both corporations and individuals, we will guide you to achieve your goals as you build up your confidence and skillset.


Vertical specific expertise:

- Storytelling & Strategy

- Business Mentoring

- Change Management

- Creative Frameworks & Keynotes


- One to one sessions, combined with coaching or as mentoring, as well as groups

- FOR COACHES: Start your own practice & ICF accreditation (ACC & PCC), both one to one sessions and in group

Both offered as one to one sessions & bespoke workshops and keynotes

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