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From a very young age I have always been fascinated by people, avid and curious to understand the human psyche and the reasoning and conditioning behind our actions.


As I started travelling and exploring different societies and cultures, I came to the conclusion that despite all the obvious differences between people, most actions and behaviours are driven by seeking connection with others. Being acknowledged, respected, loved, understood and accepted. Connecting as part of something bigger, more important, and with more meaning than ourselves.


While I have spent most of my career advising clients on their business and marketing strategies globally; how to become more creative with their solutions and how to embrace disruption in order to lead innovative change - both in corporate environments and setting up my own creative consulting firm - a more personal and transformational path started to blossom alongside.


Over two decades ago, I fell in love with meditation and mindfulness.  Every single time I took a pause from my frantic life, the practice of presence unravelled a new chance,  a new opportunity – a personal, judgment free space where I could tune into myself, leaving all my worries and any anxiety outside.


As I deepened further into personal development, exploring  more mindful and sustainable ways of living, I decided to professionally train and learn the deeper and ancient wisdom of several modalities of mindfulness such as meditation, sound therapy, energy healing as well as professional psychological models through coaching in order to incorporate the benefits of each field into my daily routine and support others in their own personal and professional journeys.


Empowering and helping others while providing a space for my clients to find what lights them up and support them to jump into that self-discovery journey.  I am a true believer that each and every one of us has something special to share with the world, truly embodying their leadership and inner power. The more aligned we are with who we are, the more impact we will be generating in our lives and the ripple effect we will also create in others and around us. 

Here's to your transformational journey,

Monica Ruiz x

Monica is the founder and CEO of Ingenium in Movement, a platform where individuals embark themselves in a self-empowering journey using her unique approach based on +20 years of experience in business – from change management to strategic consulting – combined with the most transformational coaching and science-based psychological & mindfulness practices globally.

She is passionate about generating long lasting positive change in the organisations she works with, delivering long lasting results and shifted mindsets. She supports leaders and C-level individuals, with a special interest and focus on intersectionality and female empowerment - both individually and in group sessions – as well as training and facilitation both in person and online.


Her style is playful, curious and insightful, allowing her clients to connect with their truths and their “inner-knowing”, unfolding their capacity to be resilient and resourceful, as they create a way forward with confidence and excitement.

She has had the opportunity to work with some of the most well-known and respected firms around the globe such as Google, PepsiCo, Amazon, Salesforce, Ogilvy, General Electric, Bloomberg, DHL and EY amongst others, as well as some of the most innovative and forward-thinking start up and SME’s.

Monica is a serial entrepreneur and an award-winning business owner, who has held executive positions in the following verticals: business consulting, change management and strategic marketing - in multinational organisations around the world. She is a published author and an editorial contributor to several international publications, where she writes about mental health, coaching, business and mindfulness.


Monica embraced a mindfulness approach to her life and work when she discovered meditation practice in her early years, opening up a possibility to operate from a space of freedom, inner-peace and calmness, that she continues on a daily basis and offers to her clients.


She is driven by giving back to society and is involved member of human rights, LGBTIA+, anti-racism, female empowerment, sustainability and disadvantaged initiatives and communities, where she offers her time and pro-bono services in order to contribute creating a more equal, inclusive and fair society.


She serves in the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Executive Board as VP Strategy and Director of Coaching in Organisations while supporting several charity organisations as a trustee.


In her lifetime, she has lived and worked in 5 continents and speaks 8 languages. She shares her time between London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She loves spending time in nature, sharing soulful food with her loved ones over insightful conversations and expanding her horizons through traveling, learning and sharing stories.

Training & Certifications

Executive Board Member, International Coaching Federation. VP Strategy & Director in Coaching in Organisations, ICF UK
MSc Marketing, University of Singapore, Singapore
MSc International Trade, ESCI, Barcelona, Spain
BA International Relations, UPF, Barcelona, Spain + King’s College, London UK

ICF PCC – Professional Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation
EMCC EIA Global Senior Practitioner Level
Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas, London, UK

SDI 2.0 Values Facilitator & Trainer, London, UK
Scrum Master Agile Coach + Advanced Coach, London, UK
Coaching Psychology & CBT Advanced Certification, London, UK (In progress)
350h Yoga Alliance Certified Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher, California, US
Certified Eastern Medicine Nutritionist, Barcelona, Spain
Reiki Master Practitioner & Trainer, Akashic Records Healer, Sound Therapist, Singapore

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