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Guided meditation

17 minutes, All Levels

Heart Centred Meditation

This is a nature-inspired heart center guided meditation. Achieve a deeper sense of grounding, calmness, and connection with oneself and specifically, the heart center or heart chakra. Experience the activation of that energy space as well as a gentle sense of wellbeing and comfort.


Guided Meditation

25 minutes, All Levels

Reconnecting with your body

Guided meditation based on the principles of body awareness to attain a more mindful and connected state of being. Useful when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed,  to reconnect with your body and feel more present


Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Meditation

30 minutes, All Levels

Sound Healing - Nourishing

Watch this 30 minute sound healing session to recharge and nourish yourself. If you feel drained, tired and without energy, this session will fuel you up, making you feel recharged.


Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation

75 min practice, All Levels

Morning Yoga Flow Yoga

This is a 75' minute practice with meditation, pranayama (breathing) yoga and sound healing. All levels welcome.

To start the day energised, revitalised and with focus.

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Guided meditation

6 minutes, All Levels

Shamanic Drumming Release

Powerful healing shamanic drumming meditation. Ideal to release any excess of tension, stress or anxiety and feel nourished by the hypnotising sounds of the shamanic drum. Connecting to a deeper state of consciousness and awareness within yourself


Guided Sound Meditation

15 minutes, All Levels

Grounding & Centering Sound Meditation

With this sound meditation, you will immediately feel more grounded, relaxed, focused and centered.  We will work through the lower chakras activation attaining a deeper state of connected consciousness through meditation


Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Meditation

30 minutes, All Levels

Sound Healing - Soothing

Watch this 30 minute sound healing session to relax and find calmness. Especially indicated if you feel anxious, stressed or worried, this session will leave you with a much more positive feel.

What a blast we had last night at @jonel

Restorative & Yin Yoga, Meditation​

75 min practice, All Levels

Restorative Yin Yoga

Feel immediately relaxed and calmer with with this Restorative, Yin Yoga with grounding and centering meditation. Use a bolster (or a rolled blanket) with a block for supported poses

ingeniuM in Movement Newsletter - April

Guided meditation

15 minutes, All Levels

Calming Presence Meditation

A calming and relaxing guided meditation using the sounds of nature to increase a sense of awareness, presence, and connection with oneself. Especially recommended to nature lovers.


Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Meditation

30 minutes, All Levels

Sound Healing - Grounding

Watch this 30 minute sound healing session to reconnect with your presence and center. Activating the grounding energies, finding balance and calmness inside.

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Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing

1h pratice, All Levels

Flow & Sound @Wanderlust

A 55' holistic practice including movement, breath and sound healing. A gentle slow flow embracing somatic movement and conscious breath finishing up with a nourishing and relaxing sound healing piece.



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