Episode 17

7 minutes - video

Finding Joy

Today we discuss about how to bring joy to our lives. Have you ever felt disconnected from that sparkle within?
We explore ways where we become disconnected from that initial motivation that led us to take action.
How do we bring it back? 🔥
Watch the whole video to find out

Episode 14

8 minutes - video

Navigating change

Here we are back with a new episode. This time, we tackle the concept of navigating change.
What is change? How can it be motivated from different aspects and environments?
And most importantly what tools can we draw from to find internal ‘certainty’ and clarity moving forwards?
Watch the whole video and let me know if you resonate with this

Episode 11

8 minutes - video


What is resilience? Most of us might have associated it with ‘toughness’ and the ability of pushing through.
Unfortunately this definition doesn’t involve any emotional intelligence nor elements of sustainability for our mental, emotional or physical wellbeing. Watch the video to learn about my alternative vision

Episode 8

8 minutes - video

SMART Objectives

Whether you want to use it for your personal or professional life, it helps us to:
🔥 Be more specific with how we define our objectives
🔥 Quantify and measure its success
🔥 Making sure they are achievable and realistic
🔥 Appropriately planned and defined on a timeframe


Episode 5

7 minutes - video

Working with anxiety

We all suffer from it - it’s a human response to unexpected or challenging events - and when sometimes can be a great motivation to keep going, some of us suffer from it on a daily basis, making our lives almost unbearable. We cover some of its causes, its effects on the body and ways to work around it


Episode 2

5 minutes - video

Thoughts, emotions & actions

Have you ever considered how your thoughts, emotions and actions are intrinsically linked? In this video we explain how they are powerful connected and the importance of identifying them when instigating change

Episode 16

8 minutes - video

Implementing change

Today want to share an in-depth approach to the curve of change and the different phases we go through.
Specifically reflecting on how this year has brought several and even concurrent waves of change that has left us exhausted, overwhelmed and lost.
Watch the whole video to understand how to manage and cope with several change avenues and most importantly, find the time to digest what they are bringing along

Episode 13

8 minutes - video


We are back with another episode of our coaching series. Today we discuss the concept of ‘productivity’ and the effects that it has on our mental and physical body. Especially when we are navigating uncertainty and embracing change, exploring our conditioning and how do we understand productivity can be a catalyst to attain a healthier balance in our lives

Episode 10

9 minutes - video

Mindfulness and presence

Today we cover how to bring mindfulness and presence not only in the coaching space but into our lives, relationships and all aspects of our existence, celebrating Mental Health Awareness month breaking the stigma around it and opening up conversations to share experiences around it.

Episode 7

7 minutes - video

Creating new habits

We might get really motivated about implementing a new goal or achieving an exciting milestone but after a few days, something might come up that ‘distracts’ us from the so desired goal. Find out in this video how to overcome it with two simple strategies.


Episode 4

6 minutes - video

Objective setting

How many times have you set goals but didn't manage to finalise them? It's more common than you think. In this video we explore the importance of defining objectives as well as acknowledging our starting point the the journey in between

Episode 1

7 minutes - video

Inner work & identity

In our first episode, we explore the believes we have attached to our sense of identity and how we can find ways to identify our value and worth independently from what we are and do in relationship with others.

Episode 15

6 minutes - video

Cultivating self-trust

n a year that has shown us our capacity to be resilient and overcome challenges, it’s a great opportunity to harness on those learnings and nourish our inner worth and trust in ourselves.
We’ll be sharing our 3 favourite ways to increase it, watch the video to know more!

Episode 12

7 minutes - video

Inner knowing vs external validation

We discuss the differences between the capacity to connect with your ‘inner knowing’ - your intuition, your gut, the heart wisdom, the body intelligence vs the drive to find validation, acceptance and recognition in the external world. how important is to nourish and provide space, time and care for the ‘inner-knowing’.

Episode 9

7 minutes - video

Imposter Syndrome

Today it’s time to explore the imposter syndrome
🔎What is it?
🔎How is it originated?
🔎What’s its foundation?
🔎How can we deal with it?
According to the latest data, over 3/4 of the world population suffers from it.
Watch the whole video to know more

Episode 6

7 minutes - video

The inner critic

In this video we cover the concept of the ‘inner critic’. Those loud voices in your head? Yep; those ones! Explore with us:
✨ what it is the inner critic
✨ what is its function
✨ types of inner critic
✨ how to overcome it


Episode 3

7 minutes - video

Working with fear

One of the main setbacks for initiating change is fear. Of the unknown, of the unexplored path ahead of us. In this video, we explain why that happens and how can we tackle that very human response to take action despite of it

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