I have been working with Monica for several sessions now and find her to be extremely professional, supportive and motivational.
Each of our sessions were positive and enjoyable and  I began to feel the benefits almost straight away, and continue to do so now.
With Monica’s help and support I have become more positive and self confident, managing to deal with my negative self beliefs

Irene, London (UK)

Monica's sound baths are a total delight! Her sessions provide a safe and beautiful space for me to connect with myself. Monica's words truly spoke to me.

She guided and accompanied the group during the whole sound journey. She was very attentive to everyone's energies and needs.

Her energy is beautiful, loving and nourishing. She comes across as a very calm and experienced presenter with so much knowledge, and she delivered a very comprehensive and insightful workshop. It was a transformative experience. Everyone should experience this. Can't wait to practice with her again!

Ashley, London (UK)

Monica's vision and knowledge on identity, communications, stakeholder management and overall strategic marketing vision is exceptional. She is creative, brave and bold in her approach and is impressive in her ability to build and maintain a narrative that pulls all of the various delivery threads together. She immerses herself in the content and is happy to input new ideas and insights to ensure the best quality of outcome. Monica is gregarious, resilient and huge fun to work with. She conveys authority and knowledge in her communication. I hope we can work together again very soon!

Eleanor, London (UK) - Foresightfully CEO, Futurist Keynote Speaker

When you think you have all under control but suddenly realise that your business is no longer working and you need help and someone who will be able to shift from failing to success.

We needed someone who could support, understand what wasn't working and what needed to change.

And then, Monica came on board, like a stream of light.  With just one full day of brainstorming and strategising with my partners, we obtained so much focus and clarity and immediate results in sales and events. Her professionalism, expertise but also how she fully understood what we needed to succeed were crucial. We will keep working with her without a doubt! 

Pere Miquel, Barcelona (Spain) - Owner & Business Coach at 3onlinebusiness.com

When I first met Monica, I was immediately drawn by her positive attitude to life. She is a person you trust immediately. She radiates with happiness and inner peace. 
I started to work with Monica as I wanted to find clarity in different areas of my life. Monica has assisted me in my journey of self-discovery. She has a unique skill of seeing inner blockages: she helped me to identify them and then remove them. 
She is a coach who uses a wide range of techniques and tailors her approach to the client’s needs. Monica truly empowered me and made me unstoppable. 
Moreover, Monica is a person whose zest for life is contagious! I always looked forward to our next meeting. 
Thank you! 

Sebastian, Swindon (UK)

Over the course of 6 weeks Monica helped me unpick the influential factors which were contributing to daily stress and unfullfilment. She helped me to completely rewire those beliefs by holding me accountable to mini goals to monitor a few aspects of my life over the course of just few weeks.  The change has been dramatic, a complete shift in my overall energy, enthusiasm and love for living exactly how I want to.

I definitely recommend a life coach to absolutely anyone that has limiting beliefs about themselves in terms of work, projects, self esteem, relationships, anything at all because I trust that we aren't meant to spend years worrying about these things in silence. With Monica, you can get to exactly the right head space to move forward. I know that if self doubt pops up again in future weeks or months, that I'll be better prepared with the support that I have had. 

Naomi, Oxford (UK)

I’m not a natural yogi - I have found it quite difficult to get into it and the lack confidence that I am doing the poses correctly or even understanding why I am doing them! 


Monica’s classes have helped me hugely in feeling comfortable and able, and I now look forward to practicing. In her classes I know my form is monitored, and she offers great alternatives for each of the poses in a way that makes you feel empowered, not ashamed. I always come away from her classes buzzing and feeling better in my body, having tested myself a bit more each time, which I am never brave enough to do in other classes. 

Emily, Chongqing (China)

I never considered that yoga held anything for me. It was a fad, for flexible people who liked instagramming themselves in various postures. Monica is wholly responsible for getting me on the mat few years ago and I am still in awe of the benefits that practising can bring and can't thank her enough. I have found that yoga helps to distress, reduce anxiety, build strength and self confidence - it's a large part of why I am in the best part of my life yet! 

I have found that not every teacher has the attributes necessary to help starters while also being able to build the practise of more confident yogis, but Monica definitely does - with knowledge and experience and the willingness to address what you want to work on. I recommend her to anyone!

Matthew, London (UK)

Wow, her last marketing strategy workshop was genuinely one of the best sessions I have ever been. The content and the way she presented it was totally mind blowing! It was thorough, rich and full of examples and tips for us to start implementing straight away.  The way she guided and taught us through the session was really effective especially when covering strategies and powerful techniques to cover own needs. She is a great reference and someone you can trust as she has helped so many others,  I am now already implementing her suggestions and I can see my business already growing. Thank you a lot, dear Marketing Guru!

Laurent, Brussels (Belgium),

CEO and Trainer at Cosmos Wave

I chose Monica as my Transformational Coach because of what she offers, which is totally unique and different from other coaches I have worked with. Monica is extremely attentive, she is a great listener and communicates effectively. She learnt me and my behaviours very quickly and was able to challenge and support me in the right way in order to achieve the goals we agreed. I can't recommend Monica enough! After starting with our coaching we are now working on a deeper healing level and the results are amazing! Thank you so much for the support, love and breakthoughs!

Hermione, Maidenhead (UK)

Monica really helped me address subjects I wouldn't normally consider in a safe and open space.

She was extremely encouraging and friendly during our sessions and the coaching provided the guidance I needed during my creative journey.

She challenged me to think in a new way and not beat myself up over set backs!

I would thoroughly recommend getting in touch with her for a session!

Nicole, London (UK)

Monica leads her yoga practice with a pinch of humor, light pace, the right amount of challenge and a simplicity that makes her the effective yoga teacher that she is.

A true professional with many hats and a heart of gold. can't wait to try a sound bath with you!

Wishing you the best in all future ventures, where I hope I can be part of.

Thank you for being that pillar of strength and support for those around. The world needs more Monicas in it

Cristina, Madrid (Spain)

It has been a pleasure collaborating with Monica, a truly passionate, creative and enthusiastic professional. She is goal-oriented and flexible, always keeping the client at the centre of the conversation. She has a clear business vision and playful approach, providing so much insight and experience that I could use straight away. I managed to understand my client's needs and elaborate an effective narrative and messaging, not only attracting the right client but also generating significant revenue.

Catalina, Barcelona (Spain) - CEO and Headhunter at CG Consulting

From the first day that I started working with Monica I immediately knew she was the right coach for me. The presence and energy I obtain every time we meet and work together is priceless.

Her sessions have given me so much value and confidence in my everyday life, proving that I can achieve anything I put my mind into.

Kenneth, Linköping (Sweden)

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