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We invite you to take a journey to reconnect with your resourceful and creative self as you pave the way forwards, creating a more conscious, sustainable and internally-aligned path ahead.  Navigating uncertainty and the changes ahead with confidence and excitement.

We all have amazing gifts to offer to ourselves and to others, however we aren't always aligned and connected to the immense creative, resourceful and resilient force that's inside all of us. We empower you to acknowledge and embrace its existence as well as developing ways to implement it in your day to day.

Our style is playful, curious and insightful, allowing our clients to connect with their truths and their “inner-knowing” – the capacity to be resilient, resourceful in a conscious and balanced way, for them to pave their way forwards, with confidence and excitement.

Our specialisations are:

Transitions and Navigating uncertainty
Change management, Leadership and Resilience
Mindfulness and wellbeing

Creative thinking
Start-up / SME support with business and marketing

First, we will define your objectives, either on a specific aspect or a broader and wider spectrum of change in your life. Techniques and sessions are adapted to your needs – cognitive behavioural, transactional, NPL and narrative – in order to identify firstly and foremost, which behaviours, attitudes and habits are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Secondly, we will assist you to replace those non-supporting beliefs, thoughts and structures with constructive and positive actions that, with time, will become inherited supportive habits that will enable that desired shift.


With experience in both personal and corporate transformational processes, we have proven that there is no limit to what you can achieve or become, committing to embrace that new vision.​ We’ll guide and support you through this process, sharing tools and frameworks with you to take the lead and fully transform your life, your relationships, your workspace or the dynamics within your team.


Monica Ruiz PCC MSC is an Executive Board Member and Director of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) - the largest coaching organisation worldwide - where she contributes to set industry standards, competences & leadership. She has a unique blend to her coaching approach, bringing together her almost 20 years of experience working with corporations on business– from change management, to strategic consulting – with her mindfulness practice.  She works with individuals, groups and corporations offering sessions and delivering workshops, keynotes and trainings both in person and online..


Get in touch to discuss one to one sessions, workshops or any initial ideas you want to develop.

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