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Tuning inwards, moving forwards

It seems that winter has finally arrived for good. Snuggles and hot chocolates keep us warm inside while outside, temperatures drop. I have learnt how to appreciate seasons and love to identify how the changes in nature are reflected and encompassed in my own microcosmos. As the outside world cools down, the calling to draw the attention within becomes more appealingly natural.

Did you know that we have just over 6 weeks left until the year (and decade!) end? - that also sets the tone for some serious introspection on how this year has been - in terms of achievements, changes, challenges and all in all, how well we have carried on with our intentions and goals.

Interestingly, as I was doing this same exercise myself, I decided to take a look at how my life has changed in the last decade - lived and worked in 3 different countries, have setup 3 businesses, have restarted all over again 3 times!  - and yes, it feels like 3 completely lifetimes. 

The conclusion - if any - is that even when having a proper plan, life just carries on and brings you unexpected surprises, events and challenges. If I take myself back to 2010, there is no way I could see myself doing and being the person I am right now. What is the major change from then to now? I now allow my internal guidance system to be my life compass. It's not my head, it's not my need to proof myself to the world, it's my true desire to help and support others in the best possible way doing what I love that dictates my actions.

And that's a scary thing, even today. I have had the courage to deconstruct my structured life several times - moving from a permanent job in Europe to set up my company in Singapore to then moving back to the UK to then starting my own businesses again, this time, with a true purpose.

I have found that the only possible way to keep checking and monitoring how our actions, thoughts and emotions are aligned with our goals is consciously dedicating time to ourselves. Spending time in nature, walking, meditating, journaling, running, yoga, coaching....any activity that allows you to turn the outside volume down and tune into your own guidance system. To find out what do you really want and find a way, design a plan to get it.

This is why I love providing spaces for my students and clients to tune into their creativity, their passion, their intuition and find out what they really want in life - what really moves you, what goes beyond the immediate needs of surviving - how could you thrive?

If this has resonated with you, below you will find some amazing offerings for you to tune in before the end of the year. Hopefully see you there!

With love,

Mon x

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