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Time to take conscious action

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein (physicist, quantum scientist, philosopher) 1879 - 1955

Dearest ones, Hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer, wherever you are. A bit of calmness, silence and sun might have brought a renewed sense of energy and perhaps a clearer vision for what you desire - the characteristics of Leo season, that fire that is ignited and connects with our heart desire. As we now transition to a more earthy space - reigned by Virgo - we allow our "inner-knowing" to guide us through this process where we'll start bringing to life the vision that we have created.  This is the time where we start pondering about how our vision can take shape, who do we want to create it with and set up a sustainable long term plan that will support our desire, not just for the short term. How can we do that? One of my favourite strategies to use is the SMART framework: S -Specific The more specific you can be with setting your goals the more suitable action you will be able to take, that is supported by your vision, which can be slightly more big-picture framed. Vague and undefined only sets up to failure, as we can get lost in the details - details are fun and helps us to create a more appropriate solution. M - Measurable Is it quantifiable? Having a measurable goal allows you to identify when exactly it has been reached and it gives you a better understanding about what it needs to be done / changed in order to achieve that goal. A - Achievable And sustainable - for you and the environment - the reason to set a goal is to ignite an element of motivation and drive within you but if it's too high and unrealistic (see below) it can cause the opposite effect. It's crucial to make it gradual - you'll have short term and long term goals - the short term ones will gradually increase and evolve as you progressively move forward. R - Realistic Very much related to the previous point. It can be something really good to have an amazing vision but it's important to be aware of our starting point and evaluate the available resources at the moment we set ourselves up for this new change - time, equipment....whatever it's required. T - Time bound Planning is essential. Coming up with a routine, with a day and week plan to make sure you have an allocated time for this task - so you are motivated and disciplined about going for it - with proper breaks, days offs and rewards! (the best way to keep you going!) Did you know of the SMART system? All in all, frameworks helps us to create clearer and detailed plans for us to make the change, but without your desire, your WHY and the willingness to do what it takes to get there, they can't do much on their own. Spend some time connecting these two parts of the process - the desire (objective) & why (your sustain) and how to bring it into action.

Give it a go and let me know how it goes!

With love,

Monica x

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