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A new world ahead of us

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Dearest ones, We can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that 2020 has been, so far, full on. Challenged by an invisible virus, our routines and habits turned upside down and now, the raw and beautiful awakening of humanity. seeking for justice and equality for those who have been marginalised, submitted, ostracised and denied for far too long. Black Lives Matter is providing a very necessary wake up call for all, especially white folks, to do some internal auditing and reflection - how have we contributed consciously or unconsciously for this inequality to exist? what can I do to make things better - not just for me - but for all. Commemorating Pride month - that started as a protest - we are invited to imagine a more equal, just and loving world for us. For our families, for our loved ones. Instead of using our differences to divide us, using them to create diversity, inclusion and space for all. I've been very active sharing BIPOC resources and amplifying menalated voices, but as important as this, is keeping the work going in all shapes and forms. As a friend told me the other day "Monica, you don't win the revolution in one day" - making me realised that we also need to be aware of how we use our resources, how we strategise, how we rest, how we integrate, before we take informed action. Here is a long list of resources to explore further. And with that in mind, observing and reflecting, taking the external inputs in, it's necessary to notice where we stand internally. Unless we are able to connect with that inherent, solid truth within us, external factors will always be strong enough to dictate, to overrule what we deeply desire.  I'm talking about deep core, true belonging, heart craving desires. Some of our desires are a coping mechanism to "scape" to "balance" the pressure we feel while we try to fit into the lives that we thought we had to live but we hadn't had the chance to review if at this present moment, are still valid and coherent to our inner truth. Recognising the collective state of exhaustion, with so many changes and uncertainty ahead of us, I'm organising a very special gathering this coming Sunday with the talented Amanda Barokh - a Summer Solstice retreat, where we'll combine meditation and sound and intention to relax, to listen to the internal messages, to tune out from the external noise and tune into our truth.  Otherwise, how can we truly live?

It's a free event, but we strongly encourage you to contribute and make donations to Black Mind Matters , a beautiful organisation who supports mental health for all black people.   Please find the details below as well as my other current offerings. Get in touch if you'd like to join any of them.

With love and kindness, Monica x

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