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Navigating the in-between

Dearest ones,

Summer is here in its full expression, full Leo season. And with it, there is an opening to explore and listen to what our hearts truly longs. But with so much change and uncertainty, how can we find our (new) way?

A lot of you (including myself) are still processing the last few months and how we can take all those lessons forward. It might even sound too serious! 

Besides having a structure that supports this new reality (will touch on this later) I find extremely important to find a way that connects us with our heart, with what we truly desire and want to see around us. But if our attention is too focused on making others happy and / or gathering insights from those who might seem that have "made it", we are sadly cancelling and overwriting our inner capacity to find answers within.

We might find the urge to take immediate action, as the last past months might have felt like watching Groundhog day on repeat, but it's precisely because part of us might still be processing and recovering from the electrocuting shock that lockdown was, there is gigantic value in spending a little more of time navigating the in-between.

Pondering what the options are, having conversations, feeling inspired by others, nature and yourself. Connecting with what brings you joy -  and this is precisely what I have been reminded as one of the most effective way to connect with my heart.

When I feel worried, when anxiety starts creeping in, I drag myself out of the immobilising spiral and give myself permission to experience fun. A little dance, singing a song, a swim, a run, drawing, gardening, stroking your pet, give a heartfelt hug, writing, cooking, whatever brings you joy.

When we are reminded of the beauty in us, embodying joy and playfulness, there is no space for worry or anxiety. We are taken back to the present. And once there, we can embark ourselves in a more accurate and truthful exploration about what we want to do next.

I'll like to bring back a summary of an article I published a few months ago - my 7 key strategies to start building a plan towards this new world we are collectively putting together: 

1/ Identify your VISION

Once you can see the new and fresher alternative reality you want to create, you can start working on how to get there. Sometimes it's through contrast (what we don't want) that we can really connect with what we really want.

2/ Connect with your WHY

Those are your inner values - I want a promotion because with the extra money I will be able to afford a bigger home for my family or I want to run this marathon because I want to fundraise for this cause that means so much to me. The WHY will keep you going especially when things get tricky or you doubt yourself


We can get so distracted - social media, external stimulus and by the emergency of the moment or simply our subconscious conditioning that wants to keep us small (as a way to protect us from any "failure" or "rejection) - engaging all our resources and enabling all our bodies (mind, emotions and physical) to work as a team is fundamental.

4/ Be open and receptive to alternative routes

It's important to keep the eyes on the goal but equally valuable to be open and receptive to diversions or shortcuts that life can take us through. Resistance sometimes plays against our benefit and if anything, can keep us away from the natural flow of things - as long as you check that the way is in front of you is supporting your goals, give it a go, you never know how it will unfold. Also, surround yourself with creative and inspiring people - they can teach you something you wouldn't have ever imagined and they might hold the missing piece you were looking for.

5/ Sustainability & Resilience

Let's set realistic goals - don't aim to run a marathon in 2 weeks when we haven't been for a run in 3 years! this is literally setting yourself up to fail - make gradual steps and plan accordingly. Equally, we need to be ready to face set backs and opportunities to revise our goals, and perhaps try and alternative method

6/ Acknowledge your inner badass

Change and transformation are tough processes - mainly because we resist! Give yourself big credit for what you are creating! Internal recognition is key to gravitate joy and a positive outlook (which doesn't mean you can't be realistic). Plus having a support network is essential to keep going - your buddies will believe in you no matter what, and will have your back when you are going through a rough patch - coaches, mentors, accountability groups....

7/ Be kind, be gentle

Be super gentle and kind with the set backs, with the doubts and the fears. They show you an invaluable insight of what's getting in your way to where you want to be. Our past experiences, our "perfectionism" (an unattainable goal that will make us forever unhappy) and any patterns that come up when we are implementing change are absolutely normal and understanding why they are there - primarily to "protect you" - is fundamental for you decide if they support your new life and if not, letting them go and replace them with supportive ones.

Please my current offerings below. Get in touch if you'd like to join any of them.

With love and kindness,

Monica x

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