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Despite the rather transcendental and gloomy sounding title, ups and downs are a constant in life - as change is the only constant in life itself. Especially for people like me, someone who is always seeking, evolving, going beyond and looking to expand her horizons, sets back might become your best friend. How come?

As I am writing this and as we start the new year, I have been going trough some bumpy moments in the last days (since the new year started!). Days when everything seems pointless, when it seems I have lost the focus and direction I am heading towards. I used to block those feelings and "get on with it" no matter what, without realising how much counterproductive that decision was (as everything ends up coming out multiplied!) - these days, I do my best to stay in the moment, to breathe through the emotional waves and remind me why I am here, why I am doing what I am doing, and what is my purpose.

These moments can be a powerful ally to reassess and polish your goals, vision and what you want to achieve. And also - the way I see it - they are there to teach us another valuable lesson - that life is a cycle, struggles come our way (whether we want them or not!) and they are a sign that we are growing, expanding and moving forward. 

Don't forget how important our loved ones and key connections are in those moments, this is also what they are for - reaching out to a good friend, your partner or your coach / therapist, someone who you can safely talk to without being judged. Someone who will definitely make you realise, once again, how perfect and wonderful you are - just by mirroring and reflecting what they see in you.

I have also learnt that, through surfing the waves, everything that rises up, always comes down after. It's a perfect balance. I let the feelings be and express themselves so I can eventually go beyond the noise and be still and calm despite the chaos that might be going around.

Try this one - even if it's just for 5 minutes, stop whatever you are doing. Close your eyes, tune into your breath. Ride the waves, connect to your heart. Do yoga, meditate. Or dance it off. Or run, or shout out loud, or sing or cook a meal, or paint, write, have sex, whatever you feel like but LET IT ALL OUT - don't allow it to consume you.

This is how I learnt I am able to let go, to make space and allowing the new good things in. Like a snake that shreds its skin before a new one grows to replace the old one.

New year resolutions (and how to keep them going!)

This week (Friday precisely, with a new moon) it's the perfect time to find some quietness and write down what your intentions are for the year, what do you want to accomplish and how are you planning to do it - like Germans say - you better slice the sausage in pieces if you want to eat it properly (and do not choke!) - design monthly or weekly milestones and assign specific tasks to everyone of them.

Do you want to be calmer happier or more content but how? Start 5' meditation every night could be a good start, or have 5' a day to write the things you are grateful for. With these little steps, you will be become more aware of the amazing things and people that surround you. Your perception will change so will the way you approach life!

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Love & light,

Mon x

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