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The beauty of full circle moments

Sitting in my favourite cafe and reflecting on how unexpectedly life unfolds

Started the week worrying about whether this my new ideas were actually leading anywhere. Felt like giving up. Too much to do, too much pressure, not enough time. Would I be able to make it? Despite all of that noise; managed to find some calm, focus and above all, remembering how many other times before I have managed to find a way out. And as I started shaking off the doubts and kept moving, the shift happened. And it’s always yoga that has that magical switch to tune me in ✨ Today, I came back to where all started when I moved back to London almost 4 years ago. This little cafe and the community around the neighbourhood made me feel less alone, less sad and showed me that being different was actually a good thing. That all I needed was to trust and be myself. Precisely today, when my yoga dream has become a reality, this place remembers me how far I have come. Sometimes the only thing that stands in the way is me (and my monkey mind 🙈). So, are you ready to shine through? 💫 Heading to an off grid break in the mountains. Have a super duper weekend wonderful souls. Ps: not because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it’s not shining behind the clouds ☀️ Love x 😘❤️ Mon #yoga #yogagirl #yogateacher #life #happy#grateful #smile #blessed #growth #nature#london #londonyoga #yogainspiration#mindfulness #wellness #healthy #health#healthylifestyle #positivevibes #focus#determination #coach #lifecoach #lifestyle #life

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