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The journey to wholeness

Dearest ones,And just like that, winter came and with it, the invitation to go inwards, to reflect and to take stock. Take time to slow down, to nourish, to replenish.

We only have to look at nature herself to know what our internal biorhythms are calling us to step into.And indeed, most of us life in a reality / lifestyle where nature barely has room to breathe and our actions and decisions are merely dictated by our prescheduled, predefined working schedules & other commitments (children's school schedules, the day to day chores, etc..).So when do we get a chance to let all those external demands go and for once, listen to what our bodies need?

That's the proposal I have for all of us in the following weeks. We will take some time off to be with family, travel and be merry around big tables filled with food, drinks and best intentions. Or maybe not.

Maybe these days bring a sense of nostalgia, sadness and loneliness. Whatever it is, let it come to you.And perhaps invite yourself to reflect on the following pointers:

  • How can I enable myself to be at my best in 2024?

  • What do I need to go / what do I need to bring more of to be at my best?

  • What are the learnings from this year that I will take forwards in 2024?

As I always share in sessions, reflection time is key not only to know ourselves but to really check in with what's going on / what we need / what are the best decisions ahead. If we don't stop, we lost sight of the focus, of what we want, of who we are.Let us share a little workbook I created a couple of years ago to prepare for this transition that got published in Wanderlust. 

And in this inward journey of exploration, I find myself accepting the good, the bad and the ugly. I realise that's the only possible way to truly embrace wholeness; something that until very recently, hadn't pop up as a priority.All started with a very challenging year. With a desire to create inner peace. To simplify. To really focus on the most important. And that process can be painful oftentimes, when we are confronted with parts of ourselves that we haven't accepted yet, that we don't feel that should exist. To love the unlovable.

A process that requires endless compassion and understanding for ourselves as we go through the waves of the discovery.We gotta feel it to heal it.And once we have expanded to the next threshold of capacity to hold ourselves, we will be able to see that in others too.Are we ready to allow ourselves to be beyond the preconceived identities that we have created for ourselves?

That sometimes make us feel safe but also they keep us small, encaged, limiting us to expand and grow?Are we aware that there is nothing to fix in ourselves, as we never were broken? The journey is, simply, to reclaim those parts of us that got lost, that are forgotten, that are still hiding.

Making the unconscious, conscious, as the path to wholeness.And in the current reality that we are all living, with so much injustice, violence and pain, let's not forget our most precious quality: humanity - that is inherently what makes us wholesome. Towards us and towards those around us. With humanity, wars and violence can't be sustained.

A few resources to stay informed, find ways to support and speak up towards humanity in the most noticeable acts against humanity:

As always, curiosity to explore and patient compassion for the time it will take to get where we want. With trust in us, in the process and the guidance we are provided to keep living, graciously and wholeheartedly.

Please find a couple of announcements coming you way below. 

Thanks for keep reading & for your support!

Winter blessings and have a beautiful start of 2024 - a MASSIVE year of transformation for all

With all my love and gratitude for your kind & encouraging support,

Monica & team x

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