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The gift of gratitude

Dearest ones, After what it has felt like a 200-year long winter - figuratively and seasonally - it seems that summer is finally with us. Longer days and warm temperatures that invite lighter clothing and mellower vibes seems to put most of us in a better mood. Very much like in the UK, Dutchies love to make the most of the sunshine and rush into the streets the moment rain stops. It's truly something to observe how the whole landscape changes, as well as more chatty moods start coming up. It is now research-proven that warmer weather (with longer direct sun exposure) increases the brain production of serotonin (one of the feel good hormones and vital organ function support substances) and that lack of vitamin D seriously jeopardises optimal health (calcium absorption, cardiovascular...) but is it all that we can do to boost our moods and escape lethargic states? Well, I am guilty as charge of chasing paradise when I moved to Singapore in 2011 looking for the never ending summer. And yes I loved being in flip flops all day but I also missed the tidal change of seasons and the energy changes that it brings with it. And I was also down for some time while dealing with some personal issues while running my own agency! So, if weather is not the deal breaker for eternal happiness, what is it? One thing I have been reintroducing in daily practice is gratitude. And we do it as a family. At the end of the day, we spend a few minutes going in turns sharing what do we feel grateful for. It might be a tiny thing, it might be a great gesture that moved us immensely. In the beginning, the mind (of course) questions it as a silly woo woo thing. But if we invite the mind to have a sit down and keep it up for a couple of days, the shifts are quite obvious pretty straight forwards. And it's no rocket science. We know that where focus goes, energy flows, so any change in our awareness will have a direct correlation in our perception of us and the world around us. And in all this gratitude fest I find myself immerse lately, I have also decided to challenge myself and go next level with this practice: not only appreciating what i find obvious to appreciate (a roof over my head, food on the table) but the challenging situations (I am grateful for that person to challenge me today, it was difficult but I respect their authenticity) which is extra hard but super rewarding. It's not about the other person, but how we can make gold from an apparent floating turd.

And here it is Mellie. This 4 legged angel that blasted in our home bringing the biggest joy that we could expect. She is still hesitant on becoming a Coach Assistant but her healing powers are undisputed. Watch this space to see what she gets promoted to when she is fully settled!

Please find a couple of announcements coming you way below.

Thanks for keep reading & for your support! Summer solstice blessings to you all

With all my love and gratitude,

Monica & team x

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