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It's been a month since we went into lockdown here in the UK, a bit longer / shorter in other parts of the world. At the time, it might seemed impossible to cope with working and living in such a confined and restrictive way, but here we are, few weeks after, not only surviving but moving forward.

I don't want to underestimate nor omit the amount of people who are currently suffering, struggling and fighting for their lives, directly or indirectly. And / or because their socioeconomic conditions have radically change, they feel totally at loss. If you are there, I feel you, and I am truly sorry that you are going through this difficult time. But please keep reading. There is hope.

I truly believe that humans are able to overcome almost anything. We have the capacity to adapt, to evolve, to develop new capacities, habits and abilities. We are able to rise and step up. We can look at a challenge with the aim to transform, evolve, grow and heal.

All of the sudden, in less than a month, companies and professionals have taken their business to almost 100% online. With the help of technology, what it seemed impossible now it is opening a complete new way to engage, to communicate, to do business. A new way to operate, more sustainable, more conscientious.

Observing how nature is slowly flourishing back, skies are bluer, waters are cleaner, air is less polluted. Some of us might have the opportunity to use this time to reflect on where we stand, on the life we have, on the things that might be working or not working at the moment. And most importantly, how do we want to take any of this forwards. How can we co-create this new reality, embracing the change and new ideas, while adopting more respectful, sustainable attitudes towards us and our communities. Despite the difficult situations that we might be facing at the moment, let's try and remind ourselves that we have a choice to make the most of this unique situation. Looking after ourselves and others, improving our wellbeing and embracing who we truly are, while we are reminded of our innate capacity to overcome difficulties, individually and as a collective. Please get in touch if you feel I can support you in any way.  Check my website to find my current online services, which include:

  • Weekly online yoga & meditation classes 

  • Online coaching & mentoring

  • Recorded yoga & sound therapy classes & workshops

  • Online meditations

With love and strength, Monica

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