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Time to take it slow

Dearest ones,

As much as we try to stick to the facts - we are technically in Summer (Northern Hemisphere), when we look out and we tune in, it feels like we never got the season change memo. Rainy rainy days, one digit temperatures and sunshine that cannot be found anywhere.

As much as we can clearly point fingers at how the change in climate is already here, affecting us and our environments - and what we can do about it, more on that below - there is an inevitable truth: regardless of what our minds, beliefs and points of references tell us (20th June = Summer Equinox =  it's Summer), the reality can very much differ from our expectations.

And since my garden (and me) are still confusedly living between Winter and Spring, I have decided - oh news - that I won't resist and complain about the lack of sunshine and try a different strategy: adaptation.

It might not sound as exciting as submitting official complaints to the weather forecast folks but it does create less suffering and, as a result, I can access a yummy internal pool of peace.

And with that - I know, I am still pinching myself asking what has happened to the firecracker Monica that had always something to say? - as this part of my psyche is still trying to get a hold of things, I am making the most of the extended cocoon phase to stay slow, regenerate and bask in recovery time until further notice. 


The reality is that we live in a world that is ever changing and where there is so much to process, integrate and evolve from / to.

If we switch gears into the fan favourite "all day doing" mode, we don't leave much space for the much needed integration.I am learning that life truly happens in the spaces in between we do things. In the pauses, in the breaks that are cracked.

We convince ourselves with plans and big ideas, with structured and controlled strategies and somehow, we become so obsessed by the end goal that we absolutely forget and obliterate the now, the present, the only thing that will ever exist. We go so fast, avoiding the now - because it's painful, or we don't like what we see or what we feel - that we keep living in a false promise of a better tomorrow that will never arrive. That doesn't mean that we ditch having ideas, plans and a direction of travel.

The difference is that we aren't attached to the outcome or what the outcome will mean for / to me (my ego identification = my value, worth, identity, name it)When we allow ourselves to slow down, we don't run, we can see ALL. And what I mean is that we can see the good, the bad and the ugly.

And that is sometimes hard. And oftentimes, that requires endless sources of courage, grace and strength to behold. But if we aren't even open to consider that, what kind of life are we living?

So this summer, I will welcome the sun when it finally comes - don't get me wrong, I will be beyond ecstatic when it does - and in the meantime (and throughout) I will be vibing in slow mode. Really taking time to appreciate and see the details, the nuances, the in-betweens.

Appreciating the necessary cracks that allow growth and expansion beyond our confined spaces.That there is a time for running and there is a time for slowing. And we can't pretend to get away with running marathons as sprinters all the time. It just doesn't add up.So we invite you to be open and consider where in your life at the moment you could invite more slowness. To savour the moment, the layers and nuanced details. Just like savouring your favourite meal. Or watching a sunset. Or snuggling your loved ones. Something precious.

Let's see our lives and us, as the main protagonists, with the preciousness that we deserve.

And see what storylines and beliefs we keep telling ourselves that keep us going a thousand miles per hour:

  • How do they serve us? 

  • What purpose do they fulfil?

  • What would happen if we decided to stop, to pause, to slow down? 

  • Would we give ourselves the permission to even try it? How would our perspective change?

And following on the environment theme, a few planet-friendly initiatives:

When we are able to take this very important work and share it with others, putting it in service. Ushering the Summer energy to use our fire for good. How we can turn our emotions, our drive, our hearts to support ourselves more wholeheartedly as well as others, to bring more compassion and understanding - to ourselves first - as we fiercely stand for humanity. For the planet. For life.

As always, a few announcements coming up below. Thanks for your support & happy Summer to all!

With all my love and gratitude,

Monica & team x

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