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Patience is indeed, a virtue

Dearest ones,

It seems that Spring it taking its time to fully arrive. It might just be my perception.

This is something that has sparkled some further reflection lately. How our inner perception is never static, it adapts and shifts according to internal and external stimulus.

And, how, in a fast paced, high consuming society, where we keep competing against time and where scarcity is the main driver to do, achieve and prove ourselves, our perception does indeed pick up from these narratives.

Does that mean I might have become more impatient than before?

I thought I had been doing so great!

Where is this setback coming from?

I'm sure these questions are quite familiar to all of you. Sometimes we find ourselves in similar situations and we question ourselves whether that is an indication of us failing in "doing the work" because, the expectation oftentimes is "if I talk about this thing once and I conceptually understand it, I am done and dusted with it"

The reality is very different. My years as a coach and therapist but also as a the one who is on the client / patient seat tells me a different story. We unravel levels and layers of narratives, limiting beliefs and fears, one at a time. It's about the subtleties of that particular shift that might bring novelty and insight even if the "main topic" might feel the same.

This work, requires compassion, perseverance and patience. Yes. 3 words that in this fast pacing, high consuming - instant gratification seeking world couldn't sound less sexy. But the reality is that these 3 components are the deal breaker that separates those who eventually make it and those who give up along the way.

And don't get me wrong. I am not saying we put ourselves though unnecessary pain, trauma and toxic processes. I am saying that whatever you are working towards to, will present setbacks and challenges. And that those bump aren't the result of you not being good enough or not knowing or not having what it takes. They are just the natural representation of life. It is about what we do with those challenges and how we navigate them that will lead us to success. We have been discussing the topic around mindset quite extensively lately, as the pivotal foundation to make it or break it. With the current volatile world, we are surrounded by so much uncertainty and fast change that instead of trying to control those moving pieces - hint, we can't! - we focus on really building a strong foundation of trust, confidence and self-esteem that will take us far. It's about having the trust that we will find a way, despite not having a clue about how the way looks like. It's about not conditioning our worth, value, recognition to getting "that thing" that will prove it but building that inner garden of trust within that will put less pressure on the outcome, because we know it will come - maybe not in the shape or form we expect - but nevertheless, it will come in that shape or form that we need. Check our latest video on this topic: Coaching Lab, episode 38 performance & mindset So, are we in for the long haul? How intentional are we with our words, thoughts and actions? How do we respond / react when we find bumps along the road? Further info on growth mindset and how to develop it can be found here: So maybe it's time we consider what in our life deserves the time to evolve, grow and nourish and what might need immediate action - regardless of what society makes us to believe - "it's all now or never!" - Find a couple of more updates below. As always, feel free to get in touch to have a more in-depth exchange about these or any other topics of your interest. Thanks for keep reading & for your support! With all my love and gratitude, Monica x

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