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On the mend (as we roll with the punches)

Dearest ones, This month's newsletter comes slightly later than a way, showcasing the learnings that came unexpectedly knocking on my door just after my 40th birthday. HELLO COVID! Those who know me well, know I had planned a great month of celebrations, gatherings and travels to commemorate this new decade ahead of me. However, life had other plans and the nasty Rona came up for a visit to the household. Not only it completely wiped me out but also everyone else around. As you can imagine, it wasn't ideal, and I wasn't happy with it - making the process even more difficult for myself and those around me. 3 weeks in, I only now feel I am coming back to myself, now C negative (allowing me to leave the house) and slowly regaining my strength - which is still far from my usual energy levels. This time around was a true testament to what it meant to be sick (dis-ease): if you aren't well, there is nothing you can do for others, except focussing on your own recovery. No shortcuts, no cheating, no excuses. Time to get in the cave and face what needed to be faced:

  • Exhaustion

  • Cancelling plans

  • Not being able to show up for others

  • And hoping that everyone would understand.

And of course, they did. The hardest part was to be ok with myself, uncovering the truth that perhaps, all these goals and achievements I set up myself for are less meaningful and helpful than I initially thought. And here it is when as I was sick, I stumbled with the latest report IPCC report on climate change for the revelation to come clear: what is needed is to simplify, in order to reestablish a new balance. It's this ravishing consuming, endless cycle of growth without limits, taking the Earth and everything around us - including ourselves - for granted that is leading us to this path of destruction. How can we incorporate behaviours in us and in what we do that reflect that trend? What can we simplify in our lifestyle that, together, we can reverse this doomed forecasted future? How can we inflict pressure to governments, corporations and privileged elites to make the right thing and give our planet a chance to survive? Like always, all those questions start with ourselves. In the way we show up in the world, that we work, that we contribute, that we treat ourselves. Do we operate taking us and our bodies for granted? Here are some relevant resources and recommendations about what else to do Grateful that we have another day to live, to share our stories, to make a difference. Hoping we get many more of these coming up, for us and our future generations. As always, here are some highlighted resources for you to access at your leisure: RESOURCES VIDEOS Climate change related documentaries, narrated by the extraordinary Sir David Attenborough (a true national treasure) Summary of resources Coaching Lab: - The art of suffering - Cultivating trust - Mindfulness - Working with fear - Working with anxiety Meditations And remember, we all support in different ways. Some might be very obvious in the spotlight but that doesn't mean that's all that needs to be done. Prayers, thoughts and conversations can be as powerful as action taking. And as always, we invite you to continue reading to discover the activities coming to you this month. With all my love and gratitude, Monica x

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