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How do you deal with anxiety, stress or fear?

Today is the international mental health day, and it's so relieving to see how gradually the stigma is disappearing, more people are positively acknowledging the need to recognise its importance and how society (all of us) play a key role to support & recognise others and ourselves.

Personally, that was the main reason why I got started into yoga and pranayama (breathing) almost 2 decades ago. Now, as a teacher (and student) I am lucky and grateful to share my experience and simple tools for my students to be able to cope better and get into a point where regardless of where they are, how stressed the situation is (demanding boss, parenting, relationships, loss...) you are able to find stillness and focus ✨

Breathing and mindfulness techniques aside, any physical exercise has a chemical and energetic effect on the body - reducing cortisol (the stress hormone), moving any stagnant energies (especially for those working in offices for long hours) allowing your body to expand, breathe and feel.

Having been in senior management positions myself and having been there a well (I still am sometimes), I humbly offer my experience and insights to accompany you through this process and empower you to find your focuses, stress-free self ❤️ Visit my website to find more about classes, workshops and private classes (both personal & corporates). Navaratri blessings to all - 9 nights and days to embody and engage with the Shakti energies

Love x


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