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Finding our ground

Happy October everyone!

I'm sure you have started noticing how days are getting shorter and showers have arrived to stay (at least in the British island) - an undefinable sign that summer is over and we are entering the introspective and fruitful winter time...

Like in nature, after harvesting, it's time to allow the soil to rest, to breathe, to replenish before we plant the seeds for the next season. And, as part of nature, we humans aren't any different. Our bodies - the internal environment - perfectly aligns to its surroundings - the external environment to work alongside and in synchronicity. Not just on the practicality side of warming up and wearing more clothes because it's colder outside, but how we eat, how we nourish ourselves should reflect this shift as well.

Warmer and nourishing foods - such as soups, stews and roasts - are a great ally to keep the body warm from the inside (note - vegan options as as good - and actually more sustainable for the environment - as meaty ones!) - and also particularly important to stay away from what cools the body down - cold drinks, too much booze, too much coffee, salads, raw fruits, refined sugars, substances...not saying that you can't have any of those but if you decide to go for any of those, make sure you balance out.

Bonus point: with the weather change, sneezes, colds, coughs are everywhere - make sure you take your Vitamin C every day (better if it's in form of natural juices or fruits) + add some ginger to keep your body warm! - Important to keep your Vitamin D levels balanced (as we start having less and less daylight).

This shift also affects our mood - we might feel more introspective, more inclined to stay home and spend more time reflecting on how far the year has been so far, how do we want to end it up and more importantly, choosing the seeds we are planting for next year! During this in-between time, make sure you take time for yourself and set boundaries for your self-care. It's too easy to fall into the endless spiral of "it's almost the end of the year and there is so much undone still" - I'm going to try to do in 3 months what I should have done in 9! - doesn't sound very realistic, does it?

Instead, look at that long list you made in January and reflect on the priorities - has anything changed? Do you need to realign to what is your reality now? How do you find your ground and tune those plans?

Give it a go and let me know how it goes! It's important to keep track of your goals and what tasks do you set up in order to achieve them - including self-care!

If this resonates with you and you would like to explore this further - drop me a line to book your complimentary Coaching session with me :)

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