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Finding calm in the chaos

Dearest ones, I'm sure that this last weeks have felt daunting, to say the least. Surrounded by messages of fear, seeing supermarket aisles completely empty, it feels almost impossible to stay calm and keep it up with the changes and updates.  This is why, now is more important than ever, to find a way back to ourselves to our centre, to our calmness, to our sense of belonging and safety. Paradoxically, we are massively triggered by those fear infused messages which take our brains straight into survival mode. Our fuses become shorter, we struggle to think rationally, we can only see threads around us. It's me or someone else.  How can we get out of this rabbit whole of despair?  I wanted to share with you 5 strategies to reconnect with your calmness, grounding and centre: 1/ MEDITATE, using sound, crystals, essential oils - any props you like - allowing you to step out from the flight/fight mode to a place of calmness and connection. Use the breath as an anchor. Use visualisations if helpful to centre when thoughts pop up - apps such as insighttimer or calm have wonderful and free options - or check mine here  2/Physical MOVEMENT - bringing balance to all bodies and allowing to express and release through the physical. Releasing endorphins (happy hormones) while detoxifying cortisol / adrenaline - from yoga to running to boxing to dancing - allow yourself to express freely! - check my online classes here 3/BREATHE - the key anchor to the now, to the present - using techniques such as ‘4 step breathing - 4 x inhalations 4 x hold 4 x exhalations 4 x hold - calms the nervous system and allows the body systems and organs to restore and the mind to be calmer 4/REACH OUT to someone for help and support - use the amazing tech tools we have available today to stay in touch with your loved ones - especially those in risk or who are alone - we are wired for connection and it’s a crucial part of our wellbeing 5/Practice APPRECIATION & FORGIVENESS - especially in chaotic times, finding reasons to be happy, joyful, content are fundamental to stay healthy and in a positive mindset

We can practice social distancing, but that doesn't mean we can't stay connected with those who needs us the most, with those we love the most. See below my NEW ONLINE OFFERING - a way to stay connected and supporting each other during these challenging times.

Stay healthy, stay calm, support your community. Let’s do this! With love, Monica

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