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Do less, trust more

It's been relatively quiet here...firstly I would like to share my full appreciation for all of you who have got in touch, checked in and gave me the extra space & time to go inwards and walk the most recent threshold of transformation. It's been an intense & challenging few weeks where I withstood a 5h surgery involving general anaesthesia, with the aftermath of 3 months of recovery, until - fingers crossed! - I am fully discharged by my surgeon and his divine medical team in early September. The good news is that my body is healing well. The even best news is that all the planning I had for my recovery time has gone out of the window as it wasn't really resting what I had in mind - I framed it as "time off work" but still had all sorts of ideas to use this "freed up time" for business planning, drafting services proposals and continuing with my book writing ordeal. All sounded great on paper, but the moment I woke up from surgery, all groggy and in severe pain, I told myself "you really didn't know where you were getting yourself into, did you?" I honestly laugh at myself so hard these days, recognising how the system runs deep within me. How I find ways to go back to pseudo ways of working, producing and "adding value" from the doing instead of sitting my ass down and rest. The BIG revelation & learning here has been profoundly understanding & embodying what rest, slowing down and being looks, feels like. And as that chapter has been unfolding, the raw truth of it all: TRUST is required. Trust in yourself, in what will naturally and organically unfold, in the process, in those who have your back, in your guides, in your ancestors, in the universe (add here anything / anyone who might represent a backbone support in your life) I realised my frenzy need to keep doing was rooted in a very simple yet powerful belief around not trusting "if I don't do, who else will" "if I don't do, nothing will happen, nothing will get done" The truth is that, the least I have done, the more results I am getting, both personally and professionally. I'm healing great, my body is going through the waves of adaptation and rediscovery of this new shape and form, as my business keeps thriving. But how, if I have been ONLY "being"? what is the trick?

The key element is a combo of two main forces: trusting + getting out of your way (aka not allowing things to unfold / come to you in divine timing because of our own inner resistance).

A lot of times (for me and most clients I work with) we don't trust that if we don't do we won't get results. We are too wired into the narrative that "only doing we can make things happen" and the glorification of "hard work" that when we don't operate from those frameworks we kinda of lose it, because we haven't nourished alternative scenarios enough where that possibility has become a reality.

We don't have an internal switch to go from one mode to the other. It requires practice and small steps to gradually develop that sense of trust within you and your support system. What could you let go today - so you do less and trust more?

This summer, we are taking things slow. Less meetings, less working, less newsletters! - Take this one update for the whole summer- the newsletter will be back in September :)

As always, here are some highlighted resources for you to access at your leisure:


Further resources

And as always, we invite you to continue reading to discover the activities coming to you this summer.

With all my love and gratitude,

Monica x

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