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Heading towards a plastic free lifestyle

As we are consciously heading to a #plasticfree life at home - or at least as little as possible - ingenious hubby @carrot_no_stic suggested to try bamboo / charcoal toothbrush & coconut oil & mint toothpaste from @georganicsuk 🍃

At first I wasn’t very convinced but the freshness that mint brings combined with the hydration + cleansing coconut left me with an amazing sensation! Plus knowing I am contributing a bit more into preserving our planet from becoming a pile of plastic waste. Very impressed, shocked and inspired by @theoceancleanup project too!

Every little helps 💪🏻 And nothing like starting new healthy routines with this amazing new moon in Virgo - the sign of details, health & service to others - give a little love! ❤️ Have a restful and peaceful night lovelies. Mon x

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