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Beyond grinding culture

Dearest ones,

Very much a continuation from our previous note, we are taking things slowly this summer. Not only because we feel the need to replenish and restore but because there is a desire to move forward in a very different frequency and pace.

We have been reflecting and pondering about the culture of grinding for some time now, as a member of it and contemplating on its costs. A very high toll to pay in order to be 24/7 available. Not only in our health but also in the way we perceive ourselves, our self-worth.

And beyond the reflection, there is a time when action is needed, when we walk the talk that we have been sharing.

The culture of "grinding" has been a common trait in modern societies for a while, and unfortunately, one that has gone global. The workaholism that bases our "value" and "worthiness" in being always available and always saying yes to everything, because we don't want to become a "no person" - and the presumed and assumed consequences that saying NO might have for us.

Have you ever considered the cost of always being available for others?

Do you actually have energy, time, space, bandwidth and capacity left to be available for yourself?

Another way to describe this trend is the "always booked up" and "business" in our agendas, what some sociologists denominate the toil glamour: the exacerbation and recognition that overworking and burnout are signals and mean that you're a hard, dedicated employee. The reality is that according to a NYU study, 45% of the workforce brag about being modern-day members.

As long as we keep associating our "worthiness" as employees, workers and individuals to those values, we are absolutely doomed. How can we show up at our best when there is nothing else to give? Not only that, but the detrimental effects on your health, your productivity and your life

We run on autopilot, becoming less aware with ourselves, our needs, more disconnected, where prolonged stages of stress ultimately develop into burnt outs and physical representations (aka ailments and dis-eases) of the mental and emotional stress we have been subjected to.

What to do? REST - not just as a way to recover from a burnt out but as a way of life, to prevent it in the first place but most importantly BECAUSE YOU BLOODY DESERVE IT!

When we shift the external hyper-stimulation to internal awareness, we become the center and we are then able to listen, draw and connect with our internal resources. We stop living at the expense of other's feedback, opinions and standards. We become more in charge of our lives.

Some of my favourite sources of revolutionary rest inspiration:

Please check our company updates in the section below. We will be taking a longer break in August, enjoy your summer and see you back in September!

With all my love,

Monica x

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