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When life catches up with you

Dearest ones, Welcome new season, new start, new beginnings....but it doesn't feel quote right? I might not be the only one struggling with this current disassociation between how I internally feel and the signals around me. Am I missing something? Shouldn't I feel more energised, revitalised with a new fresh sparkle flame inside me motivating me to move forwards with the arrival of Spring? I shared a very personal post on Monday where I talked about the necessity to open up especially when we don't feel ok. And if anything, this past year has had a lot of "not ok" moments. In natural circumstances, our energy levels could be relatively balanced and nourished for our bodies to feel the "readiness" to seize the day, the new season. However, with the multitude curve balls that this past year life has thrown at us, who really has any energy left to start anything new? I briefly touched on the "change burnout" syndrome we are all going through in our previous newsletter (if you missed it, here it is again) - where I covered the stages of change and strategies to manage it consciously. But the reality is that even if we are aware, conscious enough to be "doing the work" and "showing up for ourselves" the body - and life - has the habit to catch up with us sooner rather than later. Repressed emotions, unfinished business, important conversations that we swept under the carpet or decisions that are howling back at us that can't wait anymore. How could we possibly take on board all that work if our plates are beyond full already? My one and only answer to that is - and quoting the wonderful words of The Nap Ministry "sit your ass down" and observe what's happening. Without the space, the time, the buffering capacity, we can't (so can't our brains) process, digest, implement nor do any problem solving that will allow us to move forward. And the reality is that if we aren't willing to do this when we get a chance, life will remind us in clear and obvious ways: burn out, depression, lack of energy, disengagement, headaches, sleep deprivation, weight fluctuations, more edgy, more name it. The body is running out of available resources and it's trying to get your attention throwing at you everything it can find! As we are heading towards Easter, perhaps a chance for us to slow down, reflect and take some necessary time off to recharge but also to reconnect with our vision, with what's important, so we can reorganise our priorities accordingly.

A couple of notes about that: 1/ Find some "alone" time to gather your thoughts and feelings. Are you giving yourself permission to feel and acknowledge what's going on? 2/ Keep a journal about what's coming up. Can you see any patterns? This is when we start our investigation journey "pulling the thread" to see and explore the foundation / origin of this specific attribute 3/ Talk it out: with a friend, a partner, a coach, a therapist, a healer, whoever you decide! The moment we allow our thoughts and feelings to be expressed is when we catalyse the integration and the "making sense" of what's happening with us 4/ Move it, baby: making the whole process physical is a great way to not only integrate, release but also work with the physical body as a team - instead of only approaching it from a cognitive perspective (with your mind only) 5/ Do something that genuinely makes you laugh, makes you happy. It might be reading a book, stroking a dog, gardening, knitting, watching your fav show (Hello RuPaul DragRace) or just watching the clods pass by. Giving yourself permission to breathe, to be, is always the best medicine 6/ Take a nap, take a break, sleep + watch how you look after your body: a lot of the foods we usually take aren't really helping our sleep patterns. Perhaps consider taking a break from caffeine after 4pm or going to bed earlier, putting your phone away at least 1h before you go to bed. Your brain will really thank you - and work better the day after! 7/ Celebrate & reward yourself - not jus after you have achieved something but for the simple fact that you are alive and breathing. Most of our "fun" time is allocated and assigned only after we have worked really hard. What if by having fun and celebrating we could work more efficiently and passionately as a result? 8/ Be gentle and understanding. Some days it feels easier than others. Some days it feels clearer than others. Being able to recognise that our body is working with us (and not against us) sharing valuable insights when we need to shift gears. Maybe we could give it a go and follow that prompt... Give it a go and let me know what you think - as always, happy to have a chat about this in case you want to explore it further With much love, Monica x

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