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"The only thing that is constant in life is change"

As the summer has drifted away, autumn precedes with its dimming and earthy colours. Nature invites us to shift those fiery and energetic expressions to a more inwards reflection and introspection.

Some of you have reached out asking about my absence on social media lately - thanks for checking on me lovelies!

An unplanned but necessary break naturally happened, as my body suddenly shut down a week ago. I was aware I have been extremely busy lately juggling very demanding current projects and exciting new ones - but it was only when I stopped to catch my breath, that it screamed, big time.

As I usually share with my students, when in those "pressure cooking" situations, take a step back and switch into your breath "your internal compass". Is it rushed? Is it calm? What is it telling you? I let the body say, express and lead the healing.

Only with that sometimes uncomfortable but necessary pause (as otherwise the adrenaline keep you busy, doing - instead of being), altogether with creating new space through stillness, an important reminder unfolded - intermittent and constant adjustments are the norm.

Nature never stands still, it's always changing, evolving, transmuting. And we, as part of nature, dance with it. A sweet and wonderful opportunity to reconnect and retrospect on where you are - how far you have come - and where do you want to go next!


(Especially if you are in London)

Very excited to confirm I'll be joining the amazing Sound Sebastien & Jasmine Hemsley next Wednesday 7th November, 7pm at the "Sound Bath Five Senses Experience" in Covent Garden, London - do not forget to book your spot here!


Mon x

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