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Sustainable transformation

'm sure that I'm not the only one having contradictory feelings about this year. On one hand, I can't believe that we are heading towards November (where's the year gone?) and on the other, I can't wait to start 2021. This, to me, brings up an after-math consequence of being exposed to constant change: exhaustion. We carry on with our day, trying to disrupt as little as possible what's left of this crazy year but deep inside, we feel that 2020 has changed us deeply and forever.  Our priorities, how we feel about ourselves, and where are we bringing the focus and our attention.  This exhaustion comes up as our brains, bodies and systems live in a constant state of alertness and perceived danger. Pause for a moment and objectively observe the news, the narratives included there. The conversations we have been having for the last 6 months, how our interactions have changed. We have reached a point of not really knowing what we can really hold onto anymore. When the chaos and the confusion are so evident and around us, what is left to do? 

Pause. Breathe. Come back to yourself

The moment that we realise we are in "trance" - so far away from your state of presence and connection, is the moment you are presented with a chance to switch gears.  To me, developing this awareness muscle is vital to not only survive the months (and time) ahead of us, when change will really become the norm for everyone. If we are able to build resilience through a mechanism that will bring us clarity, inner peace, focus and most importantly, allow us to step out of the fight/flight/freeze/hide response (with the enormous toll that this constant response takes in the body) and deal with what comes our way in a non-reactive way.

This is why I feel so compelled to share this meditation technique with you, that honestly has changed my life forever and how I manage unexpected (and overwhelming) change. We practiced this in our last online coaching group session, with very positive results - increased levels of awareness, calmness and a more engaging level of readiness to tap into the action section.  This RAIN technique was developed by one of my senior teachers Tara Brach and it's comprised of 4 steps: R - Recognise A - Allow I - Investigate N - Nourish

It's a really powerful tool to come back to yourself when you feel stuck, reactive, in a conflict, suffering from an illness, in pain, distress at work, personal situations. It allows us to enter the experience to find healing within us: R - Recognise what's happening. As you look at the situation, ask yourself "what is happening inside me right now?" what sensations are you most aware of, taking a moment to become aware of what's predominant A - Allowing. Instead of fighting, judging and pushing that feeling away, we say yes to the experience (not saying yes to more of feeling that way but allowing and acknowledging that this is happening right now for you) I - Investigate with curiosity: What is the most difficult thing I am believing? Are these feelings familiar? How does this part want me to be with it? What does this part most need? N - Nourish with presence. As you sense what you need, what is your immediate response? Exploring a way to befriend this part of your inner self. What can you do to love and nourish this side that might have been neglected? Give it a go and let me know how it goes! Please continue reading below as there are tons of news & announcements coming your way. With love and kindness, Monica x

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