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CLEANSING - making space for the new

Anyone remembers their new year intentions?

🌟SELF-CARE 🌟SELF- LOVE 🌟Listening to my body/ needs, Respect myself and others 🌟Pause. Listen. Rest 🌟Less reactive. 🌟More soft, loving and compassionate 🌟More courageous and wild 🌟More connected to myself 🌟More authentic

🌟Giving less f***s about what people think 🌟Prioritise important relationships and spend quality time with them

How well am I doing so far - GREAT!

But how to bring new stuff when the container is full?

And how to keep my clarity and focus on point?

The answer is CLEANSING!!!

Part of this journey back to my authentic self is to respect my body.

This is the most effective protocol that has worked for me- check medicalmedium advice to start the #celeryjuice detox! To release anything nasty in my organism, clean the pipes and be laser focused


Whole bunch of celery 1 x cucumber 2 lemons (depending of size) Half piece of ginger 100 - 150gr kale

Drink it first thing in the morning with an empty stomach - allow at least 1h before you drink / eat anything else for better results.

Try and let me know how it goes!


Mon x

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