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Living with an open heart

Regardless of how much you celebrate this festive season or what you celebrate (Hannukah, Christmas, Winter Equinox...), you could say there is a certain loving and compassionate feeling in the air, perhaps drawn from the numerous family and friends gatherings, the reflections of a year that is about to end and the good intentions we are pinning down for the new year. What if we were able to carry with this feeling all year long?

What does it mean for you to live with an open heart?

Open to give but also open to receive?

Some of us are better givers than receivers - you could say society sometimes doesn't recognise the fact that, like everything, life is balanced - how could we keep giving away but not replenishing ourselves and permitting others the joy of giving away? How much are you protecting yourself from being hurt, not accepted or not feeling at all?

Here is an invitation for you to trust.

First, to trust your resilience, your wisdom, worth and value to be loved, appreciated and acknowledged. Then, trust in life, universe and the perfect unfolding of events that will lead your way. Trust in others and reach out when you need help. They will have your back. If you fully understand that, everything starts in us and is wonderfully interconnected, there is nothing to be worried about.

To physically practice the opening of the heart - and slowly increasing the natural flow of receiving / giving, here is one of my favourite asanas - a variation of hero (Virasana) / camel (Ustrasana) + prep for supta virasana (reclining hero). Gently start opening your chest, lifting your chin while taking your hips slightly back. You could stay here or gradually taking your upper body towards the floor for a full expression of Supta Virasana - be mindful as it's a rather intense pose - please use props!

Have a lovely weekend all.

Love & light,

Mon x🌟

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