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Going with the flow

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like" 

Lao Tzu (Chinese Philosopher, 608 BC)

Oh spring! We have missed you!

Perhaps because I am an spring baby, I absolutely adore this season. After a long cold wintery sleep, where energies were purposefully inwards, keeping our bodies warm while stocking energies and being more retrospective - spring opens the doorway to longer days and more daylight, feeling more expansive and in general, more energised.  It's in a way, an awakening after a deep sleep, when live beings reactivate into a more active, zesty mode. 

All of this sounds great. However, we also know spring is this unpredictable time of the year when you can get all seasons, even twice, in a single day.

That uncertainty, unexpected and quick snappy change in the outer world can affect our inner world, as they are intrinsically part of each other. Therefore, mood swings, sense of losing direction, foggy mind and contradictory thoughts / feelings become the more usual.

Furthermore, astrologically wise, planets have been quite erratic and they are starting their retrograding journey - nothing to fear - but we might feel that despite we want to accelerate projects, implement ideas, something is holding us back. Aries season (and spring) are all about starting new things, leading, strong will and determination. And for some people (me!) there is nothing more frustrating than being held back, not being able to push through as things aren't meant to move forward.

So with that scenario, what are our options?

1/ Keep pushing until you become exhausted, immensely frustrated and burn out to the point you quit - and having to deal with the anger and negative emotions that this process has generated.


2/ Accept that sometimes things are completely out of our control, therefore we might want take a different approach - accepting things as they are, embracing the change of flow and allowing them to naturally come to you.

That doesn't mean that now you can sit on your couch waiting for opportunities to knock on your door. You still need to do the work and take action. It's a more subtle difference. It's about learning when to let things be (and save that energy for something else) and know when it's time to take action.

How to differentiate both? You've guessed it, MEDITATION

Any mindfulness practice allows us to quiet the louder outside noise and tune into our own voice, our intuition, our inner wisdom. Without being able to access this quiet space, where you can allow your creative juices to flow, to switch off from the outside chaos and reconnect with your true essence, we won't be able to check in what's going on (feelings / thoughts) and make sure the direction we are taking is the right one for us.

And because of all this changing environment, it's fundamental that we stay grounded and present. 

Here is a centering meditation video I recorded for you to use anytime. Make sure you find a quiet space, and you are comfortably seated. Close your eyes and allow the sound to guide you. Enjoy!

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