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WORKSHOP - Communicating from a different perspective

🌟Have you ever wanted to be more confident and aware of how you communicate? 🌟 Do you feel that sometimes we aren’t fully conscious of the other’s perspective and point of view? 🌟 Are you open to learn and experience new ways of communicating - less from the ego and more with an open heart? .

If you have answered YES ✅ to any of those questions, this #workshop is for you! Join @incazen and myself @ingeniuminmovement next Saturday 20th July in Central London for our latest workshop ‘The power of non-verbal communication, body language & biases’ . Book your spot here: Further info on my bio: website ➡️ events 🔆 section See you there! If you book now, benefit from a special discount using the #nonverbal code 🌟 Love,

Mon 💕

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