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Honouring our feelings

Hello September!

After a splendid and energetic summer, the autumn vibes are arriving to stay. Slowly transitioning into longer nights, cooler temperatures and a sense of shifting energies is very palpable - this is the very true nature of seasons and life cycles encompassing with its changes. For many crops, September is the harvesting month (we also had the harvesting full moon last Friday in Pisces) - which is no coincidence that happened in the last sign - closures, ends, culminations - time to collect the fruits of our work and prepare the land for winter. 

We humans are no that different - even if we sometimes feel disconnected from nature. We also need that transition time, allowing ourselves to breathe, to recover and in a way, drawing the attention more inwards, more introspectively.

But honestly, how often do we really do that? With families, jobs, high demanding relationships and lifestyles - when do we find time to recharge the batteries? Oh yes, summer holidays - oh wait, that feels like a long time ago! (well, not that long, just few weeks away...) - how come?

Self-care is not a one time fix where we can clean, detox, let go and renew ourselves - especially if our daily routines rapidly add back the stress, fatigue or extenuation to our systems. And we are not only talking about our physical bodies, but also our emotions. When was the last time you had some quiet time where you could truly be present with your feelings?

Unfortunately we still live in a society (although it's changing for good!) where emotions are dealt privately (or not at all) - the stiff upper lip culture - which might have worked to keep "face"  but it's doing so much harm - as uncomfortable as it sounds, we might want to start taking a look at that pandora box that we have left at the bottom of the drawer. 

Why? First - your health - we are multidimensional multilayered beings - meaning that we have different bodies (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) - if those buddies aren't working sufficiently aligned and as a team, there will be a point when the contrast, the resistance and the pain is too much to burden - and all of the sudden, a burnt out, a disease or insomnia.... out of nowhere!

Second, checking on our feelings allows us to be more present and become more aware of what is going on for us - whether is a situation that has triggered an emotion, or simply the way we woke up this morning - when you are aware of what's going on, you then have the power to do something about it and change it if you want to - if you repress what you feel - sooner rather than later that will come out in an explosive way (road rage, snapping at your kids...) - plus the invaluable insight that comes with that experience.

Third, we are all wired for connection, human connection - and this is a wonderful feeling to be missed - when you are able to own how you feel (and remember, you don't always have to feel great - it's what do you with it that matters) - we open the door to connect with others that might be in a similar situation, helping and bonding throughout the shared experience.

Lastly, when you are more connected, you can activate your superpowers! - creativity, focus, productivity....because you are not holding back, because you are in a more of a state of flow, how you plan, how you organise, how you take every day seems more effortless and smooth.

BONUS point:

I was chatting to one of my students the other day and we were commenting on how transformation, change and shifts happen not really on a yoga mat or meditating but when you are stuck in the mud, feeling frustrated, angry to be here again and all of the sudden you realise that YOU HAVE A CHOICE to do it differently.

Unleash that superhero inside! - a superhero with wonderful emotions ;)

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