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BEND OR BREAK: the art of allowing

Dearest ones,

I have taken my time to reach out and share my thoughts for this June's newsletter. Thanks for bearing with me. I needed calmness, perspective and the clarity that comes in as the sand settles down.

The last few months have been extremely taxing, demanding and challenging. Now, that the BIG day has passed - for those who weren't aware, I got married last Saturday! - I have to admit that, besides juggling with so many aspects of my life that were changing simultaneously, I really didn't help myself much.

I was reminded of a beautiful metaphor a friend shared with me some time ago, a story about attachment and commitment. We can be committed to an idea, to the passion that drives our actions but still be completely attached to the form or shape that we ultimately want it to take.

I realised I haven't been able to completely let go of the expectation and the constant change that planning this wedding - for almost 2 years thanks to Covid - has supposed. It has really challenged me to my deepest core as it has questioned my values, my priorities and did push my buttons like nothing has done in a long time. It flared up long gone (or so I thought) traumas, deceptions and fears that I hadn't had to face in years.

All in all, I was summoned to a choice: bend or break. I could become even more flexible and adaptable to an alternative outcome - different to what I had in mind - or the resistance and impermeable wall I built to protect my dearest ideas was going to destroy me, and for good.

My now official husband - those who have the honour to know him - know he's one of the most gentle and grounded souls on this planet earth. He had the patience and the awareness to hold a mirror for me to see the chaos that I was living in (and I was creating for myself). That chaos that I gravitate towards to sometimes to create and thrive, wasn't helping me to move forwards and most importantly, was keeping me away from my joy, from my dream, from my vision. It wasn't allowing me to celebrate and appreciate what was happening - as I stayed focused on what couldn't happen or couldn't be.

And there I was, in my magical day, surrounded by my magical people (in person and digitally) letting go of what I was attached to and committed to my vision.

What a simple thing to remember - and yet - it took me so long to really put it into practice!

As I share these words with you, I would like to leave you with a thought for you to ponder - is there anything you feel too attached to and that potentially is diverting - or even jeopardising - your vision, your dream, your goal? What could you do differently to allow that vision to come true, even if it's in a different shape from what you initially considered?

We are now taking a break until mid July - see our company's updates below.

With all my love,

Monica x

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