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ingeniuM in Movement - London

My Story

From a very young age I have always been fascinated by people, avid and curious to understand the human psyche and the reasoning and conditioning behind our actions.


As I started travelling and exploring different societies and cultures, I came to the conclusion that despite all the obvious differences between people, most actions and behaviours are driven by seeking connection with others. Being acknowledged, respected, loved, understood and accepted. Connecting as part of something bigger, more important, and with more meaning than ourselves.


While I have spent most of my career advising clients on their business and marketing strategies globally; how to become more creative with their solutions and how to embrace disruption in order to lead innovative change - both in corporate environments and setting up my own creative consulting firm - a more personal and transformational path started to blossom alongside.


Over a decade ago, I fell in love with yoga.  Every single time I stepped on a mat, the practice unravelled a new space,  new opportunities – a personal, judgment free space where I could tune into myself, leaving all my worries and any anxiety outside.


As I deepened further into personal development, exploring  more mindful and sustainable ways of living, I finally decided to train as a yoga teacher, sound therapist and mindfulness & transformational coach in order to incorporate the benefits of each field into my daily routine and support others in their own personal and professional journeys.


Empowering and helping others while providing a space for my clients and students to find what lights them up and support them to jump into that self-discovery journey.  I am a true believer that each and every one of us has something special to share with the world – and I decided that would be my mission!

Here's to your transformational journey,

Monica Ruiz x